Integrative Oriental Medicine

Ancient Wisdom. Modern Methods. A New Kind of Healthcare.

A New Approach to Healthcare

Integrative Oriental Medicine is Austin's premier choice for preventative care and wellness solutions. We promote healthy living by offering traditional Oriental medical services like acupuncture, tuina, gua sha, cupping, and Chinese herbal prescriptions in addition to integrative services such as hormone testing and regulation, brain wellness testing, hair mineral analysis, nutritional and exercise coaching, cold laser therapy, motor point acupuncture, and supplementation. In addition to high-quality, compassionate treatment sessions, Integrative Oriental Medicine teaches self-care practices such as tai chi, qigong, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Positive patient experiences and truly integrative practices are our utmost goal, and we encourage collaboration with all practitioners involved in clients' care.

50% Off New Patient Special! 
90 minutes for only $55!
For a limited time only. See details below.

For a limited time, take advantage of out 50% off new patient special: a 90-minute all-inclusive session for only $55! ($110 value). Choose "Traditional Chinese Acupuncture" when selecting your service online to take advantage of this offer.



Integrative Oriental Medicine has purchased a new high-powered laser, the Aspen Pinnacle 30 Watt System! This new laser can give 2x the effect as the previous laser, the Aspen Summit 15 Watt, and 10x effect of IOM's original laser, the TerraQuant TQ Solo, in one 15 minute session. Patients should experience a marked difference in pain levels with a single laser session and be able to reach their pain management goals with fewer sessions than before. The Aspen Pinnacle is also able to treat a larger body area than the Summit and the TQ Solo, so the number of areas that need treatment will be reduced for many patients. Enjoy your first treatment with the Aspen Pinnacle at 30% off ($35 for $50 value). Click here to learn more about the Aspen Pinnacle. Click here to schedule online!