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Patient Resources

Nana's Menu

Check out this dietary guideline to help you lose weight, manage pain, and reduce inflammation. This menu allowed Jessica's Nana to eliminate her neuropathy, manage her diabetes, and lose weight. Use this resource to create your own success story!

The 30x4 No Pain All Gain Exercise Program

Learn how to enhance you health with moderate exercise that involves only 4 exercises and lasts less than 35 minutes each day.

Food Sensitivity Identification Instructions

Sometimes healthy foods can trigger immune responses, like poor digestion, inability to lose weight, allergies, poor immunity, headaches, or joint pain. Follow this guide to see if foods contribute to your symptoms.

Emotional Freedom Technique Sequence

Lower your emotional intensity by tapping on specific acupoints. Using this sequence reduces stress, and also provides supportive therapy for PTSD, addictions, depression, anxiety, and maintaining emotional health.

Ginger Bath Instructions

Ginger baths are great for colds, flus, aches, pains, detoxification, and relaxation during the cold months. Try one any time you crave a visit to the sauna.

Is Sugar Toxic?

Article exploring the drug-like effects and possible toxicity of sugar.

Iodine Therapy

Uncover the facts and fiction surrounding iodine supplementation with this resource. Learn why iodine is a pivotal nutrient for everyone and get information about proper dosing.

Acupuncture and Sleep

Check out this helpful guide from that discusses the benefits, mechanisms, and efficacy of acupuncture for sleep disorders.

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