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Student Resources

Tutoring Services

Tutoring services for any and all AOMA classes are available for individuals at a price of $60/hour. Groups of 5 or more are discounted to $20/student/hour.

Jessica's Quizlet Flashcards

Each set includes pictures and audio for each card. If you download the Quizlet app, you can listen to each card set without having to manually flip each card. Sets are available for all herbal, point locations, energetics, and tuina courses.

Point Location and Energetics Spreadsheet
An Excel spreadsheet that outlines all point and enegetics. Helpful for studying for point location and energetics classes in addition to benchmark and board exams.
Amazing class notes from one of AOMA's alumni.

This is a great link for information about single herbs and formulas.
This is an interactive anatomy reference. It allows you to layer tissues and includes animations that demonstrate their functions.